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Live Music/Media Ministry

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Who are we?

LIVE2CALL formed under circumstances unforeseen. The beauty of what God has done and is doing is also the mystery behind how it all falls together. While we are growing as a team and a group of brothers and servants our gifts have been a wonderful asset into capturing the attention of listeners saved and not. Our heart isn't to be a band or just another music group or worship team, we are expanding and grouping together many for the unity of one Church! His Church!


Find yourselves aligned in one accord, in one mind, for a time such as this.

The time is now!

What is it that you are seeking at this very moment? I don't have to be fake you know I was right, not Jesus. We are so busy with life that the world around us becomes the norm. I want to create a place where the norm may be influenced by people and our evolution in Christ while not being a violent and perverted one. Life can be fun with technology and the Scriptures of the Bible are far from boring.


What can we create together? What will we accomplish?

The Choice is yours!

Join us on our Journey or come and be a part

The choice is up to you, will you LIVE2CALL?


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