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LIVE2CALL is an extreme evangelistic portable revival. We are only one of the many ministries called to this. Most suffering from lack of help, involvement, funding, or training. 


LIVE2CALL was built off of the notion that many COGS would work together to create one large evangelical movement. Our partners are open to a monthly call, requesting services or resources from LIVE2CALL. But no reason more important than reconciling the church. With many ministries and many upbringings we arent here to change the world we are here to bridge the gap to a life changing experience with the HOLY SPIRIT/JESUS CHRIST. 


We look forward to growing and utilizing these said partners and assisting with growthi in their retrospective areas and serving in the communities closest to their heart.

Together in Christ, we are one!





Director: Mersy Williams




Taking ministry into the streets and extending the Kingdom beyond societies borders.

Bikers Againsts Hunger Logo 2.png

Bikers Against Hunger


Director: John Grice




To Feed people physically and Spiritually and Spread The Gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Fountain of Life Christian Ministries


Director: Stan Nolt




FOLCM has a focus on Costa Rican missions and ministry centers as well as US prison ministries.

SKYRIDERS Testiomonial Service

Director: Paul and Sarah Hyder 




A ministry that helps the homeless and caters to the community while praying and teaching Jesus.

Skyriders Testimonial Service.png

Bounty Hunters For Jesus


Director: Ross Burgess

A ministry focused on reaching the lost for Christ.

Bounty Hunters For Jesus Badge.png
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