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LIVE2CALL is a ministry that uses arts and music to portray their testimony and share their worship with others. We are dedicated to sharing the Gospel in its entirety with all of the books of the Christian Bible. We are all Psalmists in some way or another, we together will make the bride song. 


We strive to allow our creation to be Spirit-led some of it tells our stories and stories of those around us but most importantly stories that show God for who he is. Our heart is to share our music and videos with a lost world looking for hope. Time and time again we have denied that we were in the struggle. I pray that through LIVE2CALL your struggle will become your testimony in Chirst.

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With Travis Thompson

Dig into the foundations of what we believe regarding to the bible. What does this mean in today's world? Why Bother? Learn what God has in store for you in Fight the Good Fight

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Raise My Family

Check out our upcoming family-building ministry. This is an important thing that is overlooked...How do we build a family in peace? Learn more!

See how other people's lives can tell some of Gods most amazing stories!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to see from God's eyes?

Sometimes we have to see through something to really find what we are looking for. 

Are you looking for answers to life or even guidance? 

Does it seem like no one cares?

Do you feel like you don't matter?

Then HISstory is for you!

A series of videos that express one of our strongest gifts! Testimony!


This is HISstory! 



Contact us

Interested in having LIVE2CALL Minister the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your community?

Let us know!

Joshua Loudenslager


Greenville-Spartanburg SC 29651

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