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Who is 

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"we are the Church!"

- Vision -

Live2Call desires to raise up a Kingdom of people through the Love, Acceptance, and Forgiveness of Jesus Christ. That all people regardless of age, race, social status, condition, or past would live a Kingdom life with the promise of an eternity with Jesus Christ our Lord.

- Mission -

To recruit and equip said Kingdom people (believers) to walk in their calling/purpose and assist them in the development of their spiritual gifts.


- We Believe -


That every person in God’s Kingdom is empowered (created in his image and empowered by God and he gives) a mixture of spiritual gifts, passions, abilities, personality, and experiences to serve in the Kingdom.


- We Celebrate -


(the) diversity (of God's Kingdom) with the understanding that God did not create us the same and desires for us to learn from, respect, embrace, and love others as Christ did that may not be of our context.

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